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  1. Vertical Long Gun Rack

    The long gun rack fits all standard long guns. Also perfect for concealment and easy access.

  2. UTG Deluxe Universal Rifle Sling

    UTG Deluxe Universal Rifle Sling

  3. UTG Recon Flex M-LOK BiPod matte black 5.7in - 8in

    UTG Recon Flex M-LOK® bipod, matte black, center height. 5.7"-8"

  4. UTG ACCU-SYNCÂ 45 Degree Angle Flip Up Rear Sight

    Setup your rifle with a backup sighting system that does not interfere with your primary optic.  The UTG…

  5. UTG AR15 4&5 Prong A1/A2 Dual Front Sight Tool

    UTG® AR15 4&5 Prong A1/A2 Dual Front Sight Tool

  6. UTG Mini AR15 Armorer's Wrench

    Install and remove the often maintained and replaced parts from your AR based gun with The UTG® Mini AR15…

  7. UTG ACCU-SYNC Spring-loaded AR15 Flip-up Rear Sight

    Looking for a Battle Sight that will deploy at the push of a button?  The UTG ACCU-SYNC® Spring-loaded A…


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